Our family 2008; Ava 3, Eli 2 months

Our family 2008; Ava 3, Eli 2 months
"We may not have it all together, but together we have it all."

Monday, June 9, 2008

What the Weather!

Okay, in Omaha it always seems like there is always a severe storm warning for tornado's, thunderstorms, flash floods, golf ball size hale and so on... it seems all that is on TV is the weather man talking us through second by second of the storm. After a while it gets really boring. However, a couple of nights ago Justin and I were asleep in bed and were woken up by tornado sirens. We turned on the news and sure enough they said to "get to the basement and head for cover". Half asleep, we ran and got Ava and headed for the basement. We turned on the news for updates, this time being grateful for the second by second visual of the storm. Soon, the storms past our part of the city and we were able to go back to our sweet cozy beds! This is only the second time we have heard sirens since we moved her last August. The weather is crazy and unpredictable. We've enjoyed a nice, sunny, not to humid day today and there is once again another severe thunderstorm/flood warning tonight.


Matt & Ashlee said...

Okay, scary! I wish we could add a little excitement to our weather. All we get is wind, wind, wind, and more wind, with a little bit of cold and rain mixed in. Yuck!!!

Jenn said...

wow that is so scary! Our weather has been crazy, but nothing like that! I'm glad it passed and you guys were okay.