Our family 2008; Ava 3, Eli 2 months

Our family 2008; Ava 3, Eli 2 months
"We may not have it all together, but together we have it all."

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hangin' in there!

Today I got up and cleaned my whole house. I was going to wait until Thursday, right before I'm induced, but I need to keep busy these last few days or they go by so slow. It feels so good to have a clean house and ALL the laundry done! Justin and I went out to eat tonight and left Ava with the sitter. It was fun to get out and spend the evening with my handsome husband. I love him so much. We are so excited to see our little guy. We keep imagining what it will be like with him here. We are both nervous and anxious. As for a name I think we are going to name him Eli Justin. Whenever I hear Justin call the baby Eli it makes me smile. We will post some pictures after Friday (August 1st) of our sweet new addition!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Picture Tagged!

Sunday afternoon I found out I have been tagged by Jen. So, for the last hour I have been working on my blog. Yes, and neglecting Ava. I'm not that good at blogging, but I am figuring out more and more as I go... soon I will be pro! Just so everyone knows I have 1 week and 5 days left until I have this sweet little baby boy!! We are very excited for him to get here. I have everything ready for him, which I think makes it worse. I'll have to start making stuff up for me to do, just to stay busy!

1.) Favorite Vacation Spot- Hawaii (I want to go there someday) Sorry no beautiful picture, although I bet there are plenty!

2.) self portrait

3.)What Ava is doing right now- singing and dancing

4.) My favorite shoes-I can't believe I'm putting a picture of my feet on my blog!

5.)Favorite room- This is the most peaceful room in the house. We read with Ava, have family home evening, play the piano or my favorite, just sit and talk!

6.)Our Closet- You can tell which side is mine and which is Justin's. I am always picking up his ties and shirts off the closet floor and don't let me even get started on the upper shelves. This makes me laugh!!

7.)Laundry room- isn't it fabulous!

8.)Sink- luckily we have a dishwasher (and just so you know, I had to consciously make myself leave the stuff in and around the sink).

9.)Fridge-hummmm...what should we have for dinner?

10.) My beautiful bathroom- I just cleaned it last night!

And I want to Tag Ashlee, Natalie and Melissa!! And yes you have to do it!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I don't have any pics but I thought I would give an update anyway. Justin is studying everyday for the national boards, he is taking them on the 22nd. He doesn't have school right now, but I haven't seen a break in the studies. I am going to be started August 1st. I'm very ready, I have all the baby stuff out, batteries in, and sometimes I just go into the nursery just imagining what it will be like when he is here. I really have had a good pregnancy so I can't complain, but I am so excited to meet our little one. Justin has been so patient with me and my moodiness. It will be interesting to see how things go with Ava and the baby. She loves little babies and is always so soft with them. I think she will make a great big sister. She is also excited to see Grandma and Grandpa Peterson and Tracen and Alexis! By the way, I am kind of stressed out about choosing a boy name...so if you have any suggestions I would love to her them! I still like Eli, but we are definitely not set on them name!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The day of the 4th!

We had a lot of fun going to BBQs with friends, lighting fireworks and watching them. We had a BBQ in the afternoon which was a blast with some great friends. They had planned some super fun games. We did a bubble gum blowing contest (which is pictured, and I won) and a watermelon seed spitting contest (the guys were better at this one, this is also pictured). They also had a water balloon throwing game, where one person would run in front of a line on people and everyone would throw water balloon's at them and they would try to dodge them. That was Justin's favorite game! Needless to say I didn't participate in this one, can you imagine a pregnant lady running across the field having water balloons thrown at her!:) That would be really funny! Later, we took a nap, ate some more food and lite some fireworks. That night we walked over to get a good view at the fireworks being lite from Roosenblatte Stadium. They were great, but by the end of the day we were all exhausted!! We slept well that night. We are so thankful to have made such wonderful friends in Omaha.