Our family 2008; Ava 3, Eli 2 months

Our family 2008; Ava 3, Eli 2 months
"We may not have it all together, but together we have it all."

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Picture Tagged!

Sunday afternoon I found out I have been tagged by Jen. So, for the last hour I have been working on my blog. Yes, and neglecting Ava. I'm not that good at blogging, but I am figuring out more and more as I go... soon I will be pro! Just so everyone knows I have 1 week and 5 days left until I have this sweet little baby boy!! We are very excited for him to get here. I have everything ready for him, which I think makes it worse. I'll have to start making stuff up for me to do, just to stay busy!

1.) Favorite Vacation Spot- Hawaii (I want to go there someday) Sorry no beautiful picture, although I bet there are plenty!

2.) self portrait

3.)What Ava is doing right now- singing and dancing

4.) My favorite shoes-I can't believe I'm putting a picture of my feet on my blog!

5.)Favorite room- This is the most peaceful room in the house. We read with Ava, have family home evening, play the piano or my favorite, just sit and talk!

6.)Our Closet- You can tell which side is mine and which is Justin's. I am always picking up his ties and shirts off the closet floor and don't let me even get started on the upper shelves. This makes me laugh!!

7.)Laundry room- isn't it fabulous!

8.)Sink- luckily we have a dishwasher (and just so you know, I had to consciously make myself leave the stuff in and around the sink).

9.)Fridge-hummmm...what should we have for dinner?

10.) My beautiful bathroom- I just cleaned it last night!

And I want to Tag Ashlee, Natalie and Melissa!! And yes you have to do it!!


Emily said...

Holy Smokes, Kim! When you can't think of anything to do before your baby comes, you must be way organized. And from the looks of your picture tag, even your refrigerator is compartmentalized. Way to go girl. It makes me want to come live at your house for awhile. It looks like you got a cute haircut too. We just picked up our mail that was being held and got your card. Thanks. Good luck with the arrival of your little guy.

Kris and Sarah said...

Awesome, you're almost done!! How fun to have a baby I love that tiny little newborn stage. It's so exciting. Boy names are the hardest thing to pick for me! I love Eli though. Ava and Eli sound really cute together! :) Good luck with the delivery!

Matt & Ashlee said...

Hey Kimmy! You are really getting down to the wire. Baby Peterson will be here in 9 days. (I thought I'd do a count down in case you weren't :) My computer is being shut down Friday morning and I don't know when it will be back up, so you'll have to give me a call when you have your baby. Good luck!

charm said...

Hey, Kimmy! I don't think you'll need any advice, you are such a good mommy!!! But I am realizing how fast time is flying, and how FAST he is growing... so I am literally enjoying every second!!! I don't think I ever held my other two this much... I just KNOW that before I know it, he'll be a toddler, then preschooler, etc. So ENJOY IT!! They are heavenly.

Jenn said...

OH MY HECK, how is it that perfect!!? Especially w/a 2 year old?! Way to go, I had to delete my post because it bugged me so bad how messy the house was, do you remember my room when we were little? Yeah. Anyway, I love your bathroom decor by the way. You look so good! Can't wait to see that beautiful baby boy, did you decide a name?

Josh & Amy said...

Hey Kim! I found your blog! I've become completely addicted to this thing they call blogging, even though I'm no good at it. I like the pictures!